Why should you list with the Kurt and Sheila Team?

  • We are very internet savvy – We advertise our listings all over the internet.  We add our listings to a minimum of 35 search portals.  We drive thousands of buyers to our website because we maintain a large selection of properties on all the most popular real estate portals including Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.  More visitors.   More visibility of your listing on our site.  Your home sells faster.  Simple!


  • We provide optional drone photography for free on all our listings (for a limited time) –  We are getting remarkable results with our drone footage.  Prospective buyers for your home won’t be able to resist clicking on our ad for your property on Facebook and elsewhere. Drone footage gives the buyer a perspective on your home like nothing else can and in many instances it effectively showcases the home’s enormity and proximity to desired amenities.  We don’t recommend aerial photography for every client, because not every home looks better from above but for homes that do, it’s a game changer.  The example at the top of the page was used in a Facebook ad campaign that ran for a week before the home was listed.  It showed just enough of the exterior and interior to get our client a waiting list of buyers for when it hit the market.


  • We use a professional photographer on all our listings – According to a study conducted by the Association of Realtors, more than 75% of buyers in 2014 found the home they ultimately purchased either online through their own search or through their agent’s online MLS search and recommendation.  How your home looks online is more important than ever,  Check out these photos of one of our recent listings. We pay for the photographer.  This is not an extra expense to you.



  • We provide a 2 hour consultation with a professional home stager at our expense (optional) –We are excellent marketers of real estate and we know that the assistance of a professional will give us a positive return on investment.  That is why we pay to have a professional stager meet with our sellers before we have the home professionally
    photographed.  We know this will bring our client a higher price in a shorter timeframe.  The smallest tweaks and adjustments to a room can make a huge difference.  We find that the biggest improvement comes from knowing what to remove from the room and how to position the existing furniture for the most welcoming effect.


  • Our online listings are beautiful – After the home is staged and professionally photographed, your buyer will find everything they need to know about your listing.  We include up to 50 photos, a downloadable brochure, a Virtual tour link and all of the data about the home.  We will even provide you with a unique domain name so you can add your home to Facebook or do your own marketing.


  • We deliver our client’s listings to 16,250 Cherokee County mailboxes per month – With 80% of owner occupant homebuyers buying within 20 miles of where they currently live, there is no better way to reach this target audience than the way we do it.  Every month our listings appear on the back cover of Cherokee County’s premiere community magazine.  The Townelaker reaches 16,250 readers.  This publication bring us a tremendous amount of buyers for our listings.




  • We direct mail market our listings to our client’s neighbors (optional)- Have you ever tried to convince a friend or family member to move into your neighborhood?  We believe there is no better endorser for your home and neighborhood than your neighbors.  With that in mind, we enlist the help of our clients’ neighbors to help us find a buyer. So with every listing, we send a just listed postcard to every home on our listings postal carrier route (400-500 homes).  These postcards showcase our professionally photographed home and all the details your neighbors need to aid in the search for your home’s buyer.




  • We have more buyers – We have worked hard to establish a reputation as a trusted site for home buyers because our website is accurate and our listings are updated regularly.  Because of this trust, we have more loyal buyers than most.   Our visitors believe us when we say “this home is great”.  We wouldn’t take a listing if we couldn’t stand behind it. We email our database of 5,500+ buyers weekly and they respond to what is sent.  We have a lot of web traffic on listings as they are added to the site because of our listing notifier technology and our emails.


  • Video tours on www.YouTube.comFor our full service listings we provide a video tour of your home on YouTube.  From here your listing can be shared on Facebook and other social media sites.  It’s a great way to get your home noticed.  CLICK the below example.




  • Open houses work (optional)- Not every seller wants us to host an open house in their listing but the ones that do have seen the benefits that come from it.  It’s true that half the attendees of an open house are the neighbors but that is alright.  Your neighbors have friends and family that may be looking for a home in your neighborhood.  We have learned from experience that an open house that isn’t properly promoted is not effective.  We are so enthused with how well open houses work, we have created a webpage dedicated to keeping our prospect buyers updated on where and when our open houses will be. Additionally, if you’d like, we will call your neighbors (up to 100) to invite them and their friends to drop in too.


  • We feature our client’s listings in prominent locations on our various websites – We want your listing to sell so we keep your listing at the top of our search tool results and in the column of our counties’ search category.  The more your listing is seen, the more “hits” it will get.

How do I get started?

First, we have to determine if you can afford to sell in this market.  Can your home sell for enough to satisfy your loans on the property?  If not you may want to consider a Short Sale.  More info about this option can be found at

We determine the value of your home with a Comparative Market Analysis tool.  We can do this for you for free and then we can help you calculate the approximate net sales price for the home after fees and loan payoffs.  There is no cost to get started and we won’t get paid until your home sells.  Click the report to the left to see an example of the report.

Email us information about your property and we can give you a free, no obligation analysis of your home.

Why should you use the Kurt and Sheila Team when you buy?

  • Our site has become the preferred search portal for thousands of buyers because of the wide selection of property types and all of the valuable information about available lending and purchase programs.  When you buy, we are paid by the Seller; our experience costs you nothing.
  • We can show you and represent you on any listed home for sale in the metro area.
  • Because of our experience, we will save you money and help prevent you from making a mistake when buying and save you time when selling.
  • Because we have a team of professionals, we are more available to our clients than most individual agents.

What do we think makes us unique?

  • We keep the listings that we feature on our site and on advertising portals as current as we possibly can.  It is a common practice for advertisers to continue to add properties to their sites and portals without removing them after they are under contract.  We are embarrassed when we have to tell a prospect that the house they are interested in is under contract.
  • We are constantly improving our site to bring our clients the most timely information and the most detailed listings that interest them.  We are told regularly that our site is the most informative and that our advertised properties are more detailed than anyone elses.
  • We bring years of real estate buying, renovation and building experience to our client’s aid and support.  Sheila and I have been full time real estate investors since 2001.  We have bought and/or built over 130 homes in this timeframe for our own investment.  Additionally, we have a vacation rental in Blue Ridge.  All of this home buying has given us a significant amount of experience in identifying problems with homes before our clients pay for an inspection or consider making an offer.  Additionally, we have developed unique methods of selling properties because of our experience with our own homes.  We have only added members to our team that bring this same level of customer service to their clients.
  • Our Team has an obsession with our client’s total satisfaction and because Sheila and I have an entrepreneurial background, we know how to make our business successful through our client’s total satisfaction and their recommendations to others.  My background prior to full time real estate investing was entrepreneurial in nature.  My cousin and I grew a one location electric sign company into a multi-state National Company. This Company did entire regional exterior sign packages for Target, Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, First Union and others all over the country.  We grew this company from 1991 to 2000 and made the Inc 500 list twice inside of the top 100 fastest growing privately owned Companies.  We sold the Company when it’s sales hit $16MM in 2000 to a publicly traded company. We grew this Company on one principal that we apply to all of our business dealings.  Provide the best user experience and customer service you can and your clients will come back and tell their friends.


We hope you will involve our Team in your next purchase or sale.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Don’t you deserve the best?

Sheila Johnson
Kurt & Sheila Team